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             Today’s society is going through trying and changing times.   As President John F. Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.”

           LuckySports sports cartoons were created to help in the time-honored endeavor of teaching family values to youngsters through sports while having fun and using imagination. Moral education -  guidance of heart and soul toward righteousness and kindness - involves many things.  It includes discipline, rules and principles - the rights and wrongs of life with others - as well as explicit instruction, persuasion, and training. Positive values must provide training in good behavior and sportsmanship. Quality traits formed at youth make all the difference. Moral education asserts the main importance of moral example. Nothing is more influential, more essential, in a child's life than the moral power of subliminal example.  It is better to show than tell a child about goodness. Children accept values seriously in the presence of grown-ups who take virtues seriously.  And with their own eyes they must see adults being non‑hypocritical and practice what they preach.

 Along with rules, practices, and lessons, there is also the need for moral knowledge.  The LuckySports adventures, stories and games are intended, not only, to entertain their audience, but to help them achieve this moral knowledge.  The merit of these sport cartoons is to show parents, teachers, students, and children what the virtues look like, what they are in practice, how to recognize them, and how they work.

 These sport cartoons, then, are a "how to" conduct oneself in real life, no matter how old you are.  If we want our children to possess the traits of character we most admire as adults, we need to teach them what those traits are and why they deserve both respect and allegiance.  Kids must learn to identify the forms and content of those qualities.  They must accomplish at least a mini­mall level of moral values that will enable them to make sense of what they see in life and help them live it well.

 Where do we go to find the material that will assist our children in this task?  The simple answer is not to reinvent the wheel. LuckySports drew on a wealth of material that practically all schools and homes and churches once taught to students for the sake of shaping character.  Unfortunately, that may no longer be the case, but maybe these sport cartoons can rectify this situation.

 Most people share a respect for certain fun­damental traits of character: compassion, integrity, courage, and persistence.  These are virtues.  But because children are not born with this wisdom, they need to learn what these virtues are.  Hopefully, through sports, the LuckySports cartoon characters can help kids gain a grasp and appreciation of these traits by giving them the foundation to watch and learn about them. LuckySports hopes to influence children to observe the moral dimensions of stories, of zany sporting events, of SportsLand personalities and a sprinkling of a few famous sport earthlings.  There are many wonderful LuckySports tales of virtue and vice with which children will remember and practice.  These sport cartoons bring together some of the zaniest and craziest of them.

     Do children know these stories, these adventures?  Unfortunately, no one does, because it is something newly created; however, LuckySports wants to produce sports stories with moral messages for the following reasons:

 ¨      These stories and teachings, unlike courses in "moral reasoning," give children positive role models and some specific reference points. Literature and archives are a rich quarry of moral values.  We should mine that quarry.  Youngsters must have at their disposal a supply of examples illustrating what is seen to be good and bad, dos and don’ts - lessons showing that, in many instances, what is morally right and wrong can indeed be familiar and popular.

         ¨      These sports stories and others like them are not only fun, but fascinating to kids.  Of course, the teaching will need to be varied according to a child’s levels of comprehension, but you can't beat these sports stories when it comes to engaging the attention of a child.

         ¨      These stories help anchor children in their ethnic culture, history and traditions.  Moorings and anchors come in handy in life; moral anchors and moorings have never been more necessary than in today’s troublesome world. 

¨      These stories welcome children to a common world, a world of shared ideals, to the community of positive thinking people.  In that common world, LuckySports cherishes the commitment to the continuing task of preserving the principles, the ideals, and the notions of goodness and excellence.

          A cursor view of these sport cartoons adventures, one may notice that none of the themes contain adult issues like love, war, drugs, religion, prejudice, or politics.  This may come as a disappointment to some; however, the fact is that the LuckySports stories are meant to be fun and full of laughter for the young people learning positive values.  First things first... planting the ideas of worth, of honorable traits in the young, comes first.  In the moral life, as in life itself, one must take one step at a time.  Every footprint has its complexities and controversies.  And so too does decency.  And every field has its basics.  So too with values.  But the formation of character and the teaching of absolute values come first, in the pre-teen years; the tough issues come later, in high school or after. LuckySports believe that if adults watch or read these sport cartoons in a quiet place, alone, away from dis­torting standards, they, too, will find themselves enjoying some of this “fun” stuff.

          Most of the ideas in these sport cartoons speak without hesitation, without embarrassment, to the inner part of the individual, to the moral sense.  Today LuckySports speaks about values and how it is important to "have them," as if they were pearls on a string or marbles in a bag.  But these stories speak to values and virtues not as some­thing to be possessed, but as the central part of human nature, not as something to have, but as something to be... the most important thing to be. These sport cartoons remind one of a time - not so long ago - when the truths were the moral verities.  It is an antidote to some of the skirmishes of the era in which we now live. 

          LuckySports hopes parents will love our sports cartoons as much as their kids do. Parents will discover that watching or reading these sport cartoons stories with or to their children can deepen their own, and their children's, understanding of life and positive values.  If these sport cartoons can achieve those purposes, all the years spent to create and develop the LuckySports philosophy will have been well worth the effort.

         This preface is EVERYTHING I stand for in life.  I want you to be a part of the LuckySports team and lead our children into a brighter future, an admirable society, and sunnier world.  Have you longed to be a part of such an inspirational lineup?  In a world challenged by terrorism, crimes, and bad manners, I feel that such a series of books is essential.  My grade school was the best.  However, my class was one of the last to be raised with good morals, superior behavior, and respect.  Can you not agree with me more that it is up to people like us to "reinvent the wheel" and bring honor back into our world. 


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