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Character Licensing


LuckySports can offer you fun and exciting cartoon sports characters ready to be licensed on apparel, toys, food and hundreds of other great items.

We are a sports cartoon licensing company helping business and marketing professional/licensees in licensing our high quality cartoons and cartoon pictures to enhance their presentations, corporate and business publications, newsletters, email promotions, consumer reports, web sites, annual reports, business cards, correspondence, textbooks, calendars, T-shirts, advertising campaigns, and much, much more. 

LuckySports can present you with a wide selection of sports characters that will be fun, eye catching and easily loved by most any customer. Our sports characters can help you brand anything from a t-shirt to a product on a website.


Character Licensing

Today they are lesser-known cartoon characters, but what about tomorrow?

LuckySports certainly has a stable of cartoon characters to meet your licensing needs. These are sports characters currently available for licensing. If you are not sure how cartoon characters can help your business, here are 2 useful articles on character licensing.

Character Licensing for Your Product? Forget Mickey and Snoopy!

Products and Services that can Benefit through Cartoon Character Licensing

Looking for characters to enhance the looks of your product?

Seeking high quality characters with the most appealing expression and dynamic action which makes them a perfect fit for you?

On a quest for new and unique mascots and spokesmen for your products?

We, at LuckySports, have characters that will readily appeal to your key audiences.


Explore our galleries and get acquainted with the LuckySports cartoon characters.


TIP: A smart licensee chooses a character for its look, not its fame! License a character for its look and your product will sell better simply because it looks better. Make sure it complements and boosts the aesthetics of your product before you license the character. 

License A Character Today! 
Are you looking for cute, sports cartoon characters? Set your business apart by branding it with our LuckySports cartoon characters. Professional images, identifiable sports characters and enjoyable personalities sell products, not just famous names. See what LuckySports can do for you!




Which LuckySports cartoon characters will help your business make more money? Please feel free to contact us at: 

Chuck Hellman

(760) 861-2174


 Licensing Cartoon Characters - Some Basic Tips

Have you ever wondered how some cartoon characters became so famous - with hundreds or thousands of merchandise bearing their names and images? Remove the ones with animated series out of the equation since they have a marketing medium - and you still have a handful of characters out there who became famous through the merit of their designs.

The following gives some tips for creating and selling cartoon characters.

Cute VS Cool

Are your characters cute or cool? Cute characters easily attract the females and the young children markets - two of the largest consumer markets. Character merchandise is often cheaper and more affordable. Therefore profit through sheer volumes of sales can be quite astounding.

Cool characters are more suitable as collectibles, and often cater more to the male market. As they are often more exclusive and expensive, sales volumes are seldom as impressive as cute character merchandise.

In the spirit of games development, decision makers might simply want to pick a design that is most suited for the game concept. But as far as possible, if the game concept so allows, do try to go for cute characters because they stand a higher chance of getting licensed for merchandising.

Character Bible

A character bible is the foundation for every product that would stem from an intellectual property - be it a game, animated series, comic, story book etc. Regardless of the resulting product, everything should refer back to the character bible. This is what the bible is all about - a kind of blueprint for an intellectual property besides being a showcase for the intellectual property.

Style Guide

A style guide to showcase your characters in their full glory is absolutely necessary if you plan to license your characters. The average licensee is often quite unimaginative and seldom sees beyond what you show them. So if you are showing them screen captures of your game, hoping that they would see the full potential of your character designs, chances are they will not. A style guide with multiple poses and designs of each character would help them understand and appreciate your character designs better.

Product Concept Boards

In your style guide, it would be good to include product concept boards. These are renderings of mock products with your character designs integrated within. Product concept boards are great for letting potential licensees see how they can use your character designs on their products.


LuckySports cartoon characters licensing business can provide many vital functions to licensees, such as:
* Gaining the consumer awareness and marketing benefit.
* Moving into new distribution channels.
* Reducing advertising and marketing costs.
* Enhancing authenticity and credibility.



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