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Meet the Author - Robert Tiritilli

Robert A. Tiritilli created his outlandish style and talent of sports cartooning by employing representative portraiture, and cartoonish lightheartedness. Incorporating the pen and ink technique, he is able to suggest shading with well-placed, expressive line work. Clearly by only focusing on central players, Tiritilli is able to complete a drawing in faster fashion, but his absence of background imagery also allows for cleaner, easier to distinguish, artwork. This former Italian Mafia hit man has drawn over 5000 sports cartoons and recently teamed with—Charles Hellman, an avid sports fan and computer hacker, to find more ways to blend outrageous cartoons with clever captions. They bring out the "Funny" in sports in their Sports Humor books now available on Amazon. The wit of these cartoons and its absurdity come to life from Tiritilli's pen. His comical graphics poke fun at players and fans with equal gusto. Tiritilli has freelanced and lampooned for more years than he cares to admit. After sailing around the world four times on his tiny 10-ft raft; he now spends his retirement years drawing LuckySports cartoons and spraying graffiti on stadium bathroom walls when no one is looking. Once his drawing is complete, Hellman performs his magic. Working with Tiritilli, they come up with just the right caption to go under the cartoon. Hellman brings the artwork to life using Photoshop to enhance the drawings and In-Design to lay-out the cartoons to complete the final image for a book. Tiritilli — a true sports aficionado — is passionate about all sports and loves to make fun of the sport and all those who play it. Tiritilli represents a unique form of cartooning that is based on interpreting real life. He draws caricature/realism-type cartoons along with the wacky/abstract ones that are on the other end of that spectrum. He keenly observes what things really look like, and then changes their proportions to create a funny version of life and runs wild with his imagination. His sporting figures have anatomy. His sports scenes are simple and follow the rules of perspective. He has a radically creative approach. His drawings are made by design and invention and don't represent what things actually look like. The team of Tiritilli and Hellman’s sense of silliness strikes the chord with anyone who plays or enjoys sports, whether they are athletic or couch potatoes.



LuckySports Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Charles Hellman and Robert Tiritilli founded The Company in 2012. It began in the Coachella Valley as a collaboration of educators, psychologists and local business owners. Its parent company is LuckySports.

Like Martin Luther King, we too have a dream… but like everything else, dreams do move on, if you wait too long to fulfill them. So we are trying to carry out our dream, before it’s too late. Our dream is to leave a legacy of moral values to the future generations starting with the children of today through youth sports.

Robert Tiritilli and Charles Hellman have been participating as competitors and coaches for many years - became interested in doing something to help young people for several years. We have focused on bullying for the past 3 years since bullying is a hot topic.

We believe that youth sports should be sociable, appealing, and fun to all children, no matter the age or skill level. To accomplish this, we have created a “Bully Series” of picture books featuring LuckySports cartoon characters that are in the shape sporting goods equipment that come alive to play their sport in a magical world called SportsLand, where sport is KING and playing is FUN.


LuckySports worked closely developing the “STRIKE OUT BULLIES” program with Richard Astro, PHD - director of education and service programs for the New York Mets and Provost Emeritus at Drexel University. 

Our Bullying Awareness & Literacy Program for schools was successfully introduced as a pilot program to the Binghamton School District, New York last year in partnership with the New York Mets.

Two reasons why the program was created  for schools and youth organizations in the Coachella Valley:

1) To supplement existing Bully Programs implemented already in place at schools and youth organizations with the LuckySports’ “STRIKE OUT BULLIES" PROGRAM.

2) To strengthen the basic elements of literacy – reading and writing – to elementary children with the LuckySports’ “SLIDE INTO READING AND WRITING" PROGRAM.

LuckySports, Inc. uses a sports theme and sport cartoon characters as a vehicle to help young people understand the serious consequences of bullying and the importance of being able to express one's self. The Company is dedicated to the proposition that sports should be “FUN” at this age.

Where do we go to find the material that will assist our children in these tasks?  The simple answer is not to reinvent the wheel. LuckySports, Inc. drew on a wealth of material that practically all schools and homes and churches once taught to students for the sake of shaping character.  Unfortunately, that may no longer be the case, but maybe these programs can rectify this situation.




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