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Bully Series


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The first series of Adventures in SportsLand” focuses on Bullies. There are ten titles (two in Spanish)  for children ages 8 and under that target the early sports experience.

These wonderful, non-violent stories are a fun way to teach kids about experiences of early childhood sports. Adventures in SportsLand” books contain messages and topics for discussion with the child. Reading these books together or in a group read is a perfect way to encourage children to talk about their likes and dislikes, their experiences with sports and bullies. Children may enjoy drawing pictures or writing about their favorite or least favorite sport experiences. 

This is an opportunity to inspire further discussion about the ways in which they learn to interact through sports activities. Talking loud and yelling are part of the sports experience. Sometimes it is ok and sometimes it isn't. Young children soon learn there is "good noise" and "bad noise." The lesson is to teach the child the difference between "bully yelling" and "team cheering and encouragement." Bullies like to intimidate other children for different reasons beyond the scope of the sport. Most bullies are insecure and have other issues dealing with interpersonal relationship in sports. 

Adventures in SportsLand” books are more than just great illustrated sports stories for children.  This is a great way to learn about the details of the sports as well as how to respond to the challenges of bullies.  Early childhood sports should be a positive growth experience for your child and we hope this series contributes to a better delivery message.



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