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About us

LuckySports® is a sport cartoon intellectual property company. The Company is located in Southern California and specializes in early childhood sports experience books, education and other products. The Company publishes a series of dual language (English and Spanish) children's cartoon books called “Adventures in SportsLand.” Each series (Bully, Game and Zingo) consists of eight (8) picture books. An accompanying multi-media CD contains LuckySports®  music, a coloring book and narrations of each book in both English and Spanish. In addition, the Company is offering sport plush toys, sport felt learning kits, along with other LuckySports® products. The Company is dedicated to the proposition that sports should be “FUN” at this age.  

The Company has a license program for use of its registered trademark and copyrighted sports cartoon intellectual property to licensees worldwide. The Company projects sales of over $1.5 million during the next three years. Ultimately, the LuckySports® property has a potential market of producing a "Saturday Morning" animated cartoon TV-series and along with short TV commercials for sporting events and sports related products. The Company is now seeking online internet communications channels for animation as a web-based TV channel for both radio and video presentation.

 Charles Hellman and Robert Tiritilli founded The Company in 1993 as a partnership. They created the LuckySports® property to teach and educate children the values of sports ethics, manners, trust, confidence building, self-esteem and honesty. Together they represent significant talent in a diverse array of specialties, which have significant application to the company's success. Hellman specializes in product/merchandise licensing skills. Hellman is a golf historian/lecturer and has authored a golf novel called "BOGIE", a story about golf during the 18th Century in St. Andrews, Scotland. He is also a computer expert with a broad experience in marketing and management from his engineering background. Tiritilli is also an engineer. As an artist, he reveals his true creative drawing talents along with his extraordinary writing skills and humor.

An extensive market survey has revealed that no other cartoon property presently on the market compares with the LuckySports® property in terms of sports concept, features, fast-action, non-violence and originality. The Company is committed to making the LuckySports® property a dominant brand name. . 



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