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 Introduction to SportsLand

What is SportsLand? 

 What has baseballs,  soccer balls, HOO-DOOs, Bubble Gum Way, and FUN, FUN, FUN?  For the answer, look no further than SportsLand. In this mystical, magical land, where sport is KING and playing is FUN, youíll encounter an assortment of fun-type, sports personalities (some helpful, some not).

No one knows how or when this amazing frontier was created. Legend has it that it is the earthís franchise from the cosmic universe SportsLand. Dedicated to the promotion of all sport for the LuckySports.  

 Games in the land are usually played between TeamMates and Hoo-Doos. The TeamMates are the Defenders of SportsLand. The HOO-DOOs want to turn SportsLand into a glitzy amusement center. Their leader and  BAD GUY of SportsLand is the sinister TROUBLE, an 8‑Ball, who tries to spoil the fun of the TeamMates while coaching the mischievous HOO‑DOOs to defeat the TeamMates in the various sporting games and take over SportsLand.

 In the far reaches of SportsLand are the "BADLANDS". This is where the "Not so Good Guys" live. The BADLANDS fringe the borders of SportsLand. They are beyond the the weeds in the vast darkness and desert. Here dwell the Hoo-Doos. They want all of SportsLand for themselves ----and will do anything to get it. The BADLANDS are weed infused -no trees. Nothing grows but black moss-like vegetation and caves full of a dark smoke. Here the Hoo-Doos dwell. Trouble is the dreaded leader of the Hoo-Doos and wants to turn SportsLand into a glitzy amusement center, Complete with a gigantic parking lot for sale to the highest bidder. Trouble has unleashed his marauding troops, bringing chaos to this peaceful land.

 In SportsLand appropriate lessons of good sportsmanship and citizenship are taught to youngsters, hopefully for life. The positive elements, both physical and mental, derived from sports participation are emphasized.

 The LuckySports are the inhabitants of SportsLand . They are animated, zany, life-like sport cartoon characters which consist of the TeamMates (Good Guys) and their adversaries, Coach TROUBLE and his Hoo‑Doos. The TeamMates were given life to help others enjoy and participate in sport and improve life through sports. All LuckySports are in the shapes of sporting good equipment that have been given life to play sports and games in SportsLand. They live perpetually in this fun place. LuckySports have no parents. Hoo-Doos have no proper names (generic... just HOO-DOOs).

 Legend says that luck in sports has its center in SportsLand.  The primary objective is the teaching of sports as a meaning or use in life.

 The land is floating in an inner world, divided into individual sports lands. Lands are connected by the ultimate sports information superhighway... Bubble Gum Way. This smooth, curvy road is made of pink, powdery, sugarless bubble gum. It is traversed by the army of golf carts and vehicles that take LuckySports from land to land.

There are as many lands as sports in existence. Some of the more popular are Baseball Town, Football Falls, Soccer City, Bogie City, Ice Village, Tennis Falls, Hoop Land, Volleyball Village, etc. The least popular land is the BADLANDS - where the HOO-DOOs dwell. Each land has its own community and its own life and animated sports stadium. Everything in each land resembles the hilarious LuckySports equipment found in their sport.

 LuckySports games in the lands are usually played between TeamMates and Hoo-Doos of the same sports equipment.

Lands within SportsLand


here are an infinite number of lands within the limitless confines of SportsLand. They spread out as far as your imagination can take you. Few have visited them all, but everyone knows theyíre there. Close your eyes and you can see the sparkling burst of light leading you to each and everyone of them. The magic lands explored by everyone begins with these...

©    Hoop Land

©    Bowling Lanes Hts.

©    Soccer City

©    Dartropolis

©    Tennis Falls

©    Cricket-on-the-green

©    Bogie City

©    Rugby Country

©    Baseball Town

©    Water World

©    Ice Valley (Hockey)

©    Field of Screams

©    Football Falls

©    Zingoís Magic Castle

©    Ho-Ho-Lympic Stadium

©    Mission Control Center

©    Skate State

©    Hall of Fame

©    Bubble Gum Way Cosmic Raceway

©    Library of Sports

©    Volleyball Canyon

©    MeadowLands

©    Boxing Landing

©    Sporthing

©    BadLands (where Hoo-Doos live)



Iíll never forget my first time to SportsLand. I hopped on a bus immediately upon arrival. After that I reasoned, I would have an idea of how SportsLand was organized and know what lands I would want to visit.

          The bus was a big, double-decker variety, and I sat on the top deck, surveying the fauna below. The tour guide's name was Grannie Sportz who sat down below, out of the heat of the afternoon sun. I sat away from six loud trash-talking baseball Hoo-Doos who shared the top deck with me littering it with gum-wrappers thrown on the floor along with empty soda cans. I never saw the tour guide again, but I heard her. SportsLand had installed a megaphone-like loudspeaker on the top deck that immersed me in wave of sound capable of drowning out not only the yells of the Hoo-Doos, but the cheers from Football Falls and screeches of joy from Soccer Stadium alike. I left the tour at the first stop, wondering if my insurance covered earring aids.


That was years ago. With that preamble, allow me to welcome you to the World of SportsLand. My name is Mike o Phone your sports broadcaster, Iíll be your guide for today. I have good news: you wonít encounter any misbehaving Hoo-Doos, but you might meet up with a few TeamMates, if you look real hard. No signs will warn you to keep your hands and feet inside, and artificially sweetened beverages and bubble gum are permitted.

          Best of all, this sports territory, weíre about to explore is every bit as diverse and wondrous as you ever expected and much, much more. It will be fun entertainment, non-violent, and rated PG (Pretty Good), and about the most threatening creature to SportsLand might be a mouse (MICKEY) and SportsLandís forbidden word... the D‑word.

          SoÖ What is SportsLand? This question isnít as easy as it seems. I can define it in many ways. It is, after all, a great many things to different people. It offers a play land to the LuckySports cartoon characters. Itís their park to play sports and games plus to have fun fun fun! Itís a sanctuary to enjoy and treasure.

          How can you get there? Close your eyes and let your imagination take you down Bubblegum Way. There are no E‑tickets to buy. If youíre lucky, youíll meet animated, humorous sports characters with crazy names like Fuzzy, Wiffle, Shank, Punt, Trouble, and Kicki. Theyíre role models to a community of characters that families and children adore.

          Youíd better fasten your seat belt. Sometimes the ride down Bubblegum Way gets a little bumpy, and when I get talking, I may forget to steer - hand gestures and all that you know. Donít worry: I havenít lost a passenger, yet! Have your camera ready, you have lots of stuff to see. And relax. Smile a bit. Pretend youíre 8‑years old again and Christmas morning is only a blink away.



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