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“Strike Out Bullies”



"Slide into Reading and Writing" Program


LuckySports, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3)

Palm Desert-based organization

that has developed

a Bully Awareness  program called

“Strike Out Bullies” and

a Literacy program called

"Slide into Reading and Writing"

for elementary children in the Coachella Valley.



LuckySports, Inc.’s mission is two-fold:

1. To supplement existing Bully Programs implemented already in place with the LuckySports’ “STRIKE OUT BULLIES Program” - a Bullying Awareness Program for schools and youth organizations in the Coachella Valley. LuckySports uses sports and sport cartoon characters as a vehicle to help young people understand the serious consequences of bullying and to create interventions that can reduce or even eliminate it. Also to show how to work together in making schools and communities safer.

2. To strengthen the basic elements of literacy – reading and writing – to elementary children in schools and youth organizations in the Coachella Valley with the "Slide into Reading and Writing Program". This program employs sport cartoon characters as a vehicle to help them experience the fun and enjoyment of reading and writing. Our objective is simple: to turn a child’s passion for sports into a love affair of reading through LuckySports books and learning materials that educate, entertain and inspire readers, especially young readers. We at LuckySports are committed to producing the highest-quality educational resources across a variety of sporting subjects and age levels. LuckySports envisions children will be able to open the literary door and experience the wonderful world of the written word and to be able to express their thoughts and ideas better through their writings.



LuckySports, Inc.  is a non-profit company, based in Palm Desert, CA,  providing free bully awareness and literacy programs to schools, youth organizations and communities in the Coachella Valley.

LuckySports, Inc. is a registered non-profit under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. International donations are accepted but tax implications of any such donations are governed by the laws of the country from which the donation originated. LuckySports, Inc. makes no warranties or guarantees regarding the deductibility of international donations.


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