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  "Strike Out Bullies" Program

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LuckySports worked closely developing the Bullying Awareness & Literacy Program with Richard Astro, PHD - director of education and service programs for the New York Mets and Provost Emeritus at Drexel University.  

Our Bullying Awareness & Literacy Program - “STRIKE OUT BULLIES" for schools was successfully introduced as a pilot program to the Binghamton School District, New York last year in partnership with the New York Mets.

1)    The “STRIKE OUT BULLIES" Program was created to supplement existing Bully Programs implemented already in place for schools and youth organizations. LuckySports uses a baseball theme and sport cartoon characters as a vehicle to help young people understand the serious consequences of bullying and to create interventions that can reduce or even eliminate it. Also to show how to work together in making schools and communities safer.

A child’s first time sports experiences will present them with many new opportunities to interact with a wide range of personalities. This may be the child’s first experience with “demeaning words” as well as “supportive words”. Talking loud to be heard and cheering are part of the youth sports experience. Yelling, trash-talking, and name-calling are not! Children need to be aware of the difference between these behaviors.

Learn how to establish a plan for understanding and teaching a child about bullies on the baseball diamond. The Baseball Bully teaches good behavior and sportsmanship to children just starting to interact with sports teams, coaches, fans and players.

The LuckySports players are sport cartoon characters in the shape of sporting goods equipment. They live in lockers in a magical place called SportsLand which floats on a cloud high in the sky. There is always a sports game being played. Whether it is baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, golf, or football... when one game is finished, another has begun.

Looking down Bubblegum Way, you will see these funny looking characters laughing and playing sport games. TeamMates are challenged by the antics and actions of the bully Hoo-Doo Team and the infamous Coach Trouble in each sport. The bully Hoo-Doos always try to overpower the TeamMates.

This wonderful story is fun way to teach about experiences in early childhood sports.  The Baseball Bully contain messages and topics for discussion with the child.  Ideal for group reads or one-on-one.

“Students at Binghamton's Horace Mann Elementary School got a visit from some local celebrities, players from the Binghamton Mets.” Dr. Astro said. “The players stopped by the school to read to students, and to speak to them about the importance of combating bullying. The players say they hope their influence will help the kids make smart decisions.”

“Each year, the NY Mets organization offers to get involved in our schools, and if we don’t take them up on the offer, they’ll go to another district. I’d hate to have that happen! As you saw last May, these young men are very caring, professionals and great with the students.   It’s a fantastic  opportunity for our schools.” said Mr. Stewart, Principal at Binghamton's Horace Mann Elementary School.

The players brought excitement and energy to the two programs with a festive kick-off held in the school's gymnasium. The program was coordinated with the assistance of Dr. Richard Astro.

The message was simple at Horace Mann Elementary: More reading and writing, and less bullying. Students heard the message from several B-Mets players visiting the Binghamton school. The players read from our BASEBALL BULLY BOOK to students, hoping they will read fifteen minutes a day for nine days encouraging the students to read.

As part of the program, the students were required to answer the questions asked in their workbook/coloring book about what they read and then had to share their writings with the class. Students handed-in their workbook to the teacher where they were reviewed and graded. Later, the information from the workbooks were transcribed and entered into a personalized book with the student's photo and name along with the baseball player's picture. Their books were professionally printed and a presentation was made at a baseball game.

Along with their personalized book, autographed by a baseball player, the students and their families were treated to a free baseball game and a free hot dog for their participation in the “STRIKE OUT BULLIES" Program.

For some students, the message goes further than academics. "Our students in grades two and three will be writing stories related to bullying and we're going to be working with the Mets on reading and anti-bullying," says Mr. Stewart adding, "The elementary school serves as the foundation for not just education, but character building as well."


Mark Cohoon, Binghamton Mets pitcher said, "You get to see the kids from the field. When they're in the stands, they might get an autograph, but to come here and be in person right up close with them, get to interact with them it makes a huge difference and if that means one kid changing their life, then it's all worth it.”






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